Albert Atwell Goodwillie – died 16 January 1959
Catherine Margery Goodwillie – died 14 December 1963

Albert was 78 when he passed away and Catherine was 81.  Catherine Whitelock and Albert Goodwillie were married in 1906.

Albert’s birth was tricky to find as most of the Goodwillie children are registered under Goodwilly.



James, born in 1875, died at 18 months old.

In the 1905-1906 electoral roll, he is in Longwood as a labourer with John Stirling Goodwillie and Caroline Hunt Goodwillie (his mother probably).  Charles (Dad) and brother, Thomas, list themselves in Riverton.  Longwood is part of Riverton so some are possibly just being more specific.

Thomas Edward died in 1906 at 29.  I have not found what happened to James, born 1870.

His mother, Caroline died in 1907.

By 1911, Catherine is with Albert in Oraki (Riverton).  Albert’s father and brother are still in the area.  Records show that they had two children by then and the third was possibly on the way.


Albert’s only sister, Catherine, married John Stevens in 1912.

From the 2nd Division Reserve roll, (1917) we can see he (Albert) is a saw miller as is his brother, John Stirling.  I have not found who George is but he married a Wixon in 1910.  Wixon is a prominent name in Bluff.


In 1919, Charles and his two sons, John and Albert are still in Riverton but by 1928, John Stirling is no longer with them.

His father died in 1930 at 90.

Albert is listed as a bushman in 1935 in Otago yet Catherine remained in Riverton.  No other Goodwillie’s are listed in the area.  In 1938 John Stirling returns to Riverton, Catherine is still there but not Albert.  John married Emma Kokeroa Kaahu in 1923.  She is not listed with them.

John Stirling Goodwillie died in 1952 at 73. Emma passed away in 1953 at 58.

Catherine and Albert, just prior to his death, are is on the Southern Maori roll as Ngai Tahu.  They give their address as 64 Foyle Street, Bluff.