John Martin – died 26 February 1915
Ellen Martin – died 2 July 1935
Robert Stewart Martin – born 1 July 1890 – died 22 May 1939
Wilhelmina Williams Martin – died 31 October 1942

This plot contains a husband and wife and their son and daughter-in-law.

John Martin

John was 66 when he died.  This put his birthdate around 1849.

He retired in 1911.

Sadly, he took his own life in February 1915.


Ellen Martin

I have not found a marriage for Ellen and John yet and therefore don’t know Ellen’s maiden name.  She was 84 when she passed away in 1935.  Her birth would be around 1851.  I only found one birth for her and her husband, John.


Robert Stewart Martin

Robert was born to John and Ellen Martin on 1 July 1890.

Robert Stewart Martin married Wilhelmina Williams Cole in 1916.


In loving memory of

John Martin

Beloved husband of

Ellen Martin

Who died 26th Feby 1915

Aged 66 years

Also Ellen

Beloved wife of the above

Who died 2nd July 1935

Aged 84 years

Until he come

And of Robert

Beloved husband of

Wilhelmina Martin

Who died 22nd May 1939

Aged 48 years

Also his loved wife

Wilhelmina Martin

Beloved daughter of Mr and Mrs FA Cole

Of Winton died 31st Oct 1942

Study to shew thyself approved into God

A woman that needeth not to be ashamed

Rightly dividing the word of truth