Thomas Henry Conway – died 12 March 1915
David Conway – died 31 December 1916 (listed as Davis on NZ BDM)
John David Conway – died 4 December 1918
Margaret Mary Conway – died 14 June 1935

There are eight children listed to Margaret and David.  I need to do more research on this as there could be two Conway families.



John David, born in 1888, died at the age of thirty-one.  His mother is Maggie and his wife is Margaret according to his death notice.  He is interred here.


David Conway lived for only 24 hours in November 1889.

Robert William, born 1891, was drowned in 1913.



In June 1914, the four men were declared to have died on or about 5 November 1913.

David Joseph Conway was born 3 August 1893. He was called up for service on 24 November 1916.  He is in the 1919 electoral roll for Awarua at Burrows Street.  He married Bertha Bruce in 1922. He died in 1979.


Thomas Henry was only 20 when he died in 1915.  He is in this plot.

George Albert Conway I haven’t been able to trace…yet.

Rebecca Conway, born 28 June 1898.  There is a marriage of a Rebecca Conway to Thomas Talbot Grant in 1924.  Rebecca Josephine Grant, born 28 June 1898, died in 1977.  This is obviously the correct marriage.

Vincent Hector Conway married Florence Sherriffs in 1924.  He died at 68 in 1968.

May Conway I haven’t been able to trace…yet.

I am a little confused so far on this one as John David that died in 1918 is too young to be the father but he is seemingly married to Margaret.  David that is listed on BDM as Davis looks to be the father but I can only find one Margaret and David in electoral records.  John David and his wife Margaret should be in electoral records at some point but I haven’t found them.  Given the ages at death, Margaret and David would have had a twenty-one year age gap.