Tom Angus Stirland – died 1 April 1959
Ethel Bertha Stirland – died 25 June 1974

Tom was 61 when he died.  He was born in the latter part of 1897 on Stewart Island. Tom’s parents, Margaret and Tom Lord Stirland were married in 1896 and had three children.


Tom Angus Stirland was a fisherman in Halfmoon Bay prior to marrying Ethel in 1925.  Soon after being married they were living in Invercargill.  In 1928, he is an engineer in Invercargill and living with Ethel in Selwyn Street.  His father is also in Invercargill, living at 187 Teviot Street.  However, Tom Jnr is also on the Awarua roll for 1928.  He is the only Stirland in that roll listed at Halfmoon Bay as a boatbuilder.  In 1935, he is still the only Stirland on the Awarua roll.  He is still at Halfmoon Bay.  Finally, in 1938, he is listed with his wife at 23 Grace Street, Invercargill.  He is listed as a carpenter.  By 1946, Ethel and Tom live at 65 Palmer Street, Bluff.  Tom has changed his job again.  He is now an oysterman.  Three years later, Tom is a fisherman and they are living at 51 Palmer Street, Bluff.  Two years prior to Tom’s death they were living at 246c Marine Parade, Bluff and he continued to fish.

Tom died in 1959 and at some point, before 1963, Ethel returned to 23 Grace Street, Invercargill.  By 1969, she is living at 5 Traford Street, Gore and then moved to 9 Onslow Street, Gore.  She was still at that address a year prior to her death in 1974.

Tom’s father died in Balfour, Otago on 4 September 1929.  He is buried with his wife, Margaret (d.1934), in Eastern Cemetery, Invercargill.

Tom’s sister Ada Muriel married David Kay-Smith in 1922.  She passed away in 1966.  His brother, Earnest Albert died at 7 weeks old.

Ethel was 72 when she passed away.  Ethel Bertha was born in 1902 to Eliza Gregg and Fredrick Alexander Gutzewitz.  Her parents, like Tom’s, also had three children in NZ.


Ethel’s sister, Gwendoline (d.1964) married Frank Billstone Wood in 1931. Rachael (d.1983), married Robert Charles Naismith in 1921.  It is interesting to note that a Ralph Gutzewitz married a Lillie Theresa Naismith in 1914.

There are many Gutzewitz’ buried in Invercargill and two in Block 8 of Bluff Cemetery.

Probate records are available for Tom Angus, Ethel, and Margaret Stirland from Archives NZ.  Various records are available for the Gutzewitz name.