William Crozier – died 28 June 1913
Mary Elizabeth Crozier – died 1 October 1916
Wilfred Symes Crozier – died 20 April 1945
Gwladys Willins C
rozier – died 16 November 1968

William Crozier is listed in council records as171
being buried in plot 171.  Three other Crozier’s are listed as being in plot 358. Due to the obviously haphazard nature of the early burials, these plots are actually treated as one even though the numbers are not consecutive.

William died suddenly at 61 on 28 June 1913.  He was formerly a guard on the Glasgow-Edinburgh Railway.  He served with the Railway Service in both Dunedin and Gore in New Zealand.

William Crozier married Mary Elizabeth Fordham in 1887. They had three children, Nellie Jane (1888), Daisy Irene (1889), and Wilfred Symes (1894).  Both parents and Wilfred are buried in this plot along with Wilfred’s widow, Gwladys Willins Crozier.  As yet, I have not found the marriage of Gwladys and Wilfred.

Daisy Irene Crozier married Richard Chamberlain Harbord and is buried with her husband in the plot directly to the left of this one.  To the right is Mary Elizabeth’s parents in plot 359 and 360.