Charlotte Hotton – died 15 September 1899
William Richard McDonald – died 30 March 1912 (unable to find on NZ BDM)
John Hotton – died 1 August 1952
Charles Horatio Hotton – died 28 July 1965
Jean Berl Hotton – died 27 August 1976

Charlotte Hotton

Charlotte was only three months old, putting her date of birth around June of 1899 but I cannot find her on NZ BDM.  The only Hotton’s born around that time were boys, registered in Dunedin in 1898 and 1899.  Both boys were born to Clara Daisy and Harry Hotton.  No sign of Charlotte or who her parents were, though.

William Richard McDonald

I cannot find poor little William’s death on NZ BDM but his birth, from only 18 hours earlier, is recorded.  His father is ‘not recorded’ yet his mother is listed as Beatrice Beryl.  I cannot find a marriage to match but do note that Beatrice Beryl McDonald married two years after William’s birth, and death.


Beatrice Beryl Crosbie died in 1959 at 68 years old.  I came across a one day old Beatrice Crosbie who passed away in 1921.  With no record of the birth, though, I do not know if Beatrice Beryl was the mother.  It would be very sad if she had lost two children so soon after birth.   She had a daughter, Janet, to her husband, George, in 1915.  Janet lived to 89 years old.

John Hotton

John is not listed as being born in NZ on BDM.  In 1896, he is in Bluff as a hairdresser.  The following year he married Catherine Mary Rose.  They had at least three children between 1901 and 1905 but divorced in 1915 (The record (R10626990) is held in Archives New Zealand, Dunedin Office).