Amy McQuarrie – born 18 July 1891 – died 9 June 1894
Violet Mary Ann ‘Violie‘ MacDonald – born 5 September 1889 – died 22 May 1915
Daniel McQuarrie – died 10 August 1926

Amy McQuarrie

Little Amy McQuarrie was only three when she died.  The only possible NZ birth is this one, 18 July 1891.


I have not found a death notice or newspaper report about her death.

Her parents, Daniel and Elizabeth McQuarrie had five children.  Two of their children are in this plot with their father.


Violet Mary Ann ‘Violie‘ MacDonald

Violie was the second child of Daniel and Elizabeth McQuarrie.  She was married to Angus MacDonald in 1914.

The Southland Times, 18 July 1914

Born on 5 September 1889, she was only twenty-five when she died in 1915 from appendicitis.


Daniel McQuarrie

Daniel McQuarrie married Elizabeth ‘Liz(zie?)’ Jane Iggo in 1887.


Their children were adults by the time Daniel died, 10 August 1926, two days after sustaining injuries at work.


The inscription on the grave reads


By 1957, Daniel’s widow is living with their only son, Walter Gibson, on Mahia Road, Manurewa. She died at 92 in 1961.

I have not found an NZ marriage or death for Ethel

Alice Muriel married James Reston Wilson in 1921.  She died in 1958.

Walter Gibson McQuarrie married Frances (maiden name unknown).  He died in 1985.