Richard Fowler – died 21 October 1897
James Thomas Auld Richards -died 18 June 1917
Mary Ann Fowler – died 22 August 1923
Richard Fowler – died 9 July 1945
These plots have an iron fence around them and a headstone but the inscription has worn away.  Council records show plot 320 to be occupied by Richard Fowler (1843-1897) and his wife, Mary Ann Fowler (1853-1923). One of their seven children is buried with them, Richard Fowler (1885-1945).

The two plots, that are treated as one, show how uncertain the future can be.  Richard and Mary Ann Fowler’s first born child, Matilda Annie Fowler married a James Thomas Auld Richards in 1897, less than three weeks after her father’s death.  After twenty-one years of marriage, he passed away.  On 22 June 1917, he was buried next to his father-in-law.  Matilda was probably intending to be buried with them when the time came.   Seventeen months later Matilda remarried.  In 1923 her mother was buried in the plot and by 1945 it held her parents, her brother and her first husband.

When Matilda’s time came to an end on 27 April 1949 she was given her own plot (Block 8, plot 251) with Erickson on it.  Her second husband joined her nine years later.