Sarah Jane Fletcher – died 20 August 1908
Nathaniel James Fletcher – died 22 August 1908

It is rather evident that Sarah Jane died during childbirth.  Her son died two days later.  It is the only birth registered to Sarah Jane and James Thomas Fletcher.  Sarah Calder and James Fletcher married in 1907.

Sarah was born in Riverton, Southland, in 1878 to James and Ann Calder.  Her father was a farmer at the time.  By the late 1890’s, they had moved to Bluff.  However, James looks to be in Don Street, Invercargill, as a contractor.


The 1905-1906 electoral roll incorrectly lists her address as Barron Street.  The correct address is Barrow Street.


Sarah had numerous siblings.  They are mentioned on their parents grave.  Their (James and Ann) gravestone is a genealogist’s dream with children and their spouses listed.  Her parents are in Block 6 Plot 129.

This grave simply has Dolly Fletcher on it.  Nathaniel is not mentioned.  According to records, Sarah was buried the day after her child died.  The council database entry does not have a burial date for Nathaniel.  One would hope they were buried together.