Isabella White – died 25 August 1915
James White – died 13 May 1928
Isabella Thomson Cheyne – died 14 December 1959 (Gravestone says 15 December)
Alexander Cheyne – died 28 September 1945 (Gravestone says 21 September)
Andrew White – died 8 November 1963

In Memory Of
David White – died 6 November 1913

Five people are interred in this large plot according to ICC records, however, six people are remembered on the tombstone.


In addition to those listed is the following

Also their son David

Drowned in launch Iris

6th Nov 1913 aged 24 years

Newspapers reported the following


Isabella and James had five children


It seems rather obvious that Thomson is a significant name


Isabella Thomson Cheyne (nee White) and her husband are with her family in this plot.


Andrew White’s military record entry lists Kinross St, Bluff as his father’s address.  Bluff does not have a street by that name.  Reading the actual original record shows that it says ‘Kinross’, Bluff.  The name of an early subdivision in Bluff.  A name no longer used.

James Thomson White married Marion Sarah Bowers in 1915.  James and Marion are in Block 3 Plot 16.

Also in 1915, William Thomson White married Daisy Rosaline Parsons.   William and Daisy are in Block 1 Plot 31.  Bluff Cemetery has numerous burials under the name Parsons.