Old Bluff Cemetery

Campbelltown Cemetery


This is my research of plots at the Old Bluff Cemetery in the South Island of New Zealand.  It has previously been called the Campbelltown Cemetery.

I am only just getting started so it is a work in progress.  The Council database can be accessed here.

At the moment I am putting snippets of information on the relevant posts and my general comments.  Feel free to comment.

The names and dates in bold have been confirmed using NZ BDM website.  I am using tags for the date, surnames, and other pieces of information like WW1 if I know a person served in that war.  A few plots have ‘In Memory Of’ but the person is not buried in the plot.  I have used that as a tag.  Unmarked is used when there is no indication that a grave is there, i.e, no surrounds or headstone but councils records show where the relevant plot is.  Unknown is used when the council have a record but the location is not known.